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Medieval illustration of men harvesting wheat with reaping-hooks, on a calendar page for August. Queen Mary’s Psalter. Source: Wikimedia commons

What if the things that make your life convenient comes at the cost of someone else’s?

Forced labor sounds like something from the medieval age. Yet it isn’t. It is valid and prevalent as much as the morning sun is. In fact, the device you are using right now might have blood on it.

Globalization means each piece in your device came from different parts of the world. The raw materials came from somewhere, it got assembled somewhere, then shipped and sold somewhere else.

Along the meandering path your device has traveled are hands that were tied to do the…

The turn of the coming decade is increasingly electric. A study combining simple numbers of ownership costs reveals the truth of our electrified future.

Credits: Jannes Glas, Unsplash
  • The upfront cost of owning an EV is almost 60% higher but the maintenance and recharge costs are almost 60% lower.
  • The end number totally depends on where and how you live. But for most of the developed world, it is either a tie or a small victory to either side, depending.


Interest in EVs has been growing rapidly in the past decade. In 2010, only 17,000 electric cars were on the world’s roads. By 2019, that number had swelled to 7.2 million. 2.6% of global car sales and about 1% of global car stock in 2019 was electric cars.

The simple answer is “no, the wireless charger is not bad for you” but the more complicated answer is “maybe”.

Phone and its wireless charging pad.

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There is a timeless age-old tradition of getting scared of new and emerging technologies. Everything from the invention of electricity to 5G has sparred global protests. And every time such global lash backs against a new technology happens, it has something to do with electromagnetic waves. Clearly, most people don’t seem to be so understanding about the idea. But there is a need to, for you and your loved one’s safety.

The very first thing one needs to understand is the EM waves themselves. What is an EM wave and how is it generated…

Rumors on Apple working on its own electric car have surfaced once again. But Apple being Apple has its own pros and cons for such a development.

Creative depiction of Apple’s logo

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Ever since 2014, rumors have surfaced about Apple’s electric car project. It is learned to be codenamed “Project Titan” and is yet to receive any official acknowledgment about its existence from Apple. The prospects in an Apple-branded car have made the tech community curious. This curiosity had its peaks during rumors and leaks from time to time. But the reported layoffs from the project last year also subsidized the user interests.

However, the recent report from Reuters suggests that Apple is still working on the project. This has revamped the interest and curiosity of…

The gaming and food industry has some surprising stakes on each other. KFC is trying to tap into the play.

Photo courtesy: KFC Gaming, Cooler Master

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KFC launched its own gaming console. And no, it’s not a joke. They partnered with computer hardware company Cooler Master to launch their own competition to popular alternatives like Xbox and PlayStation. The console is as ripped as the Xbox or the PlayStation allowing you to play the latest titles at 4k, 240fps. The console ticks all the typical features as far as a 2020 gaming console is concerned. But it also ticks something quite unusual.

It features a custom Cooler Master NC 100 chassis with Intel Core i9 9th gen. It is…

Mostly because you’re a hell of a damn addicted to new technology.

A woman, just bored. Image for representational purpose only.

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I remember the days when I curiously watched a point light fly around the room. That was back when I was just 4 years old. Of course, I am talking about fireflies. Every kid gets excited at one of those. Well, what about the adults? Not so much. The same flies still give me occasional visits when I am scrolling through the feed on my mobile phone. It was very exciting to watch them glow around the room, but now the only glowing thing in the room that excites me is the phone.


While 40 million Americans filed for unemployment, the world’s billionaires combined wealth increased to $10.2tn. Nothing is fair if the system genuinely favors the wealthy at the expense of the poor.

An illustration in protest to capitalism. Image for representational purpose only.

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Earlier this year, UK-based charity group Oxfam put together a study that came to some eye-opening conclusions. 22 richest people in the entire world have more wealth than the entire women in Africa. In the entire globe, women and girls put 12.5 billion hours of unpaid work each day. This “unpaid” work contributes to over $10.8 trillion every year to the global economy. That’s more than three times the size of the global technology industry.

This study came out in Jan 2020 and ever since then, it has been an upward rollercoaster for the…

People of color are disproportionately sicker with a higher chance of kidney failure, greater alcohol addiction, higher mortality rate & overall lower life expectancy

A creative depiction of racial discrimination. Image for representational purpose only.

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African Americans are almost four times as likely to get diagnosed with kidney failure than the average American Whites. Although African Americans make up about 13% of the US population, they make up more than 35% of people with kidney failure in the United States.

A recent study has revealed that maybe more than one million Black Americans got delayed access to healthcare because of a racially biased algorithm. The bias is attributed to a race-based correction factor. …

The advent of rising nostalgic nationalism is deemed to make us go backwards while we should be looking forward instead

Civil rights march on Washington, D.C on August 28th, 1963. Image for representational purpose only.

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We all feel nostalgic about our childhood. Because childhood is always great compared to whichever latter stage of life we’re in. What’s interesting about nostalgia is that it tends to increase its range from childhood to early adulthood when you age from early adulthood to a middle-aged or an old man. Something about this sentimentality tells us that past was always great and glorious. Although, sometimes it wasn’t. Nostalgia oftentimes acts as an anecdote for a lot of the problems we face today. It is very convenient to blame the change, sit back, and…

With over 25% increase in population by 2050, there is only a 4% increase in agricultural land. AI is helping to make more out of the preexisting land.

Farmer holding freshly harvested crop. Image for representational purpose only.

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The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that the world population will increase by an additional 2 billion in 2050. At the same time, the land available for agriculture will only increase by 4%. That’s over 25% increase in population to only a 4% increase in agricultural land. There is a need for the world to accommodate the exponentially increasing population to a marginally increasing food production.

Rapid industrialization in the 19th and 20th centuries allowed agriculture to flourish. Our food production has reached skyrocketing heights with most of the industrialized world managing…

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