(In reference to your original reply and this one.)

Topics like human rights, climate change, animal extinction, deforestation is never gonna be on per with celebrity gossips. That’s a global truth, not just a thing about United States. In India, bunch of bollywood celebrities, YouTube stars, TikTok celebs and hate mongering politicians cover the news way more than any humanitarian/scientific subjects. Even such news from inside India is barely covered in depth, let alone from elsewhere in the world.

United States is a special case as its policies affect the globe. And a lot of the time, it is pretty American centric and don’t care how rest of the world might suffer from that decision. The pinnacle of this centric attitude was Donald Trump. His decision to dump Iranian Nuclear Deal and put sanctions on that country (without any reasonable evidence) has made a lot of people suffer in the region. This is because of heightened oil prices which most of commoners in the region depend on for their life for. I know I could feel the weight when I was traveling back and forth from college and home on my bike with the heightened petrol prices.

I think being centric is a common thing — people wise and by extension, govt wise. Its just decision that US make will affect everyone. So even when large mass of US people just choose to not care about something like wage inequality, it actually materialize in to a working problem within US and elsewhere in the globe.

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