Why Sleeping Is Weird

Don’t read this for a good night sleep

A cat being weird, like usual.

A good night’s sleep is refreshing, energizing, and .. weird.



Okay, let’s assume you are a windows laptop. You go to sleep when someone didn’t use you for a while.

Now let’s assume your friends are also a bunch of windows laptops. You are all in the cafe, sitting next to each other.

Suddenly the covid-19 pandemic hits in the middle of the day. Everyone afraid of their lives left the cafe. Now you and your friends are in an abandoned room.

Because nobody is using you, you start to fall asleep one by one. Depending on the settings, you all fall asleep at different times.

Now you are a sleeping windows laptop in a room full of sleeping, or about-to-sleep windows laptops.

Except you aren’t actually a freaking windows laptop. You’re a human. The others are also humans. That room is the entire planet. And you all are either sleeping or about to sleep. That’s the only two-phase of your existence.

Now, how crazy weird does that sound like?
Probably as crazy weird as I sound right now!

If I were to have a gauge in my body that measures how much time I have before I fall asleep, that would be my screen-on time left.

If I were to measure it from the time I woke up, that would be my overall battery life.

You must strive to improve your overall battery life. Your battery life is affected by your lifestyle. If you are obsessed with Instagram and keep browsing it overnight, you risk desyncing your battery.

So, leaving your battery to charge overnight is a good idea. It might be weird but you don’t want a low battery while you are working or in college.

No drugs were wasted in the making of this article. Thanks for reading.

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